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SolidTradeBank – review and comment on (PAYS)

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SolidTradeBank – full description and reviews


I present to you a project with 5 years of experience – SolidTradeBank (official site of the projec) In my lifetime – this is the first project that works for such a long time. Just think about it since 2013. Marketing SolidTradeBank and yield from 0.2% per day and maturity from 25 business days

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Your correct upline SleduiZaMnoicom



SolidTradeBank: general information

• Website:
• Start online: 07.10.2013
• Minimum deposit amount: 25 USD;
• Minimum withdrawal amount: 2 USD
• Investment plans: 0.2% for 25 business days, 2% per week for 26 weeks, 230% after 52 weeks
• Payouts: Manual (up to 40 hours)
• Affiliate program: 0,5%
• Bonus from the blog: 50% (for example: your deposit is $ 300, you ordered a bonus on the blog and we pay $1.25 to your wallet as an additional bonus to your investment). With a bonus, an investor earlier breaks even faster and starts to get a net profit.
• Bonus from the blog when reinvesting from the balance – there is no reinvest like this, only a new deposit from the EPS wallet, for which you receive a new bonus.
• Our deposit: 5000 $



MARKETING SolidTradeBank

Marketing project offers two types of investment plans MAIN and REVOLVING, where payments are made daily, weekly or one-time

MAIN plans:

0.2% for 25 business days

Investment period: 35 days
Min / Max. Dep: $ 25 / $ 10,000
Net profit: 5%
Revenue: 105%


2% per week for 26 weeks

Investment period: 182 days
Min / Max. Dep: $ 25 / $ 10,000
Net profit: 52%
Revenue: 152%



Percentage of yield: 2.2% weekly
Interest accrual: weekly
Term of the deposit: 52 weeks
Amount of deposit: from 50$
Return of deposit: at the end of term
Total return: 214,4%
Net profit: 114,4%


What is the difference between the two 52 week plans? The 2% WEEKLY FOR 52 WEEKS plan only accepts USDT (trc20) The 2.2% WEEKLY FOR 52 WEEKS plan accepts all other payments except USDT


In these plans payment systems alternate every 3 days. From day 1 to 3 you can deposit only from 1 payment system, from day 3 to 6 from the next payment system, from day 6 to 9 from the next one and so on until the whole cycle is over. The cycle takes 39 days. During the last 3 days you can deposit from all payment systems, then the cycle starts again. The calendar of which payment system is available for deposit at the moment and which payment systems will be available in the nearest future is indicated directly under the plans



Yield percentage: 2.3% weekly
Interest accrual: weekly
Term of the deposit: 52 weeks
Deposit amount: from 100$
Return of deposit: at the end of term
Total return: 219,6%
Net profit: 119,6%



Percentage of yield: 230%
Interest accrual: one-time, at the end of the term
Term of the deposit: 52 weeks
Deposit amount: from $100
Deposit refund: at the end of the term
Total profitability: 230%
Net profit: 130%


Registration, creation of a deposit and withdrawal of funds in the SolidTradeBank project


On the main page of the site, click on “Sing Up” and fill out the registration form. Check the box “I agree” and click “Register”. Log in and in your account by clicking on the “Settings” tab, write down your payment details and click “Save”







Creation of a deposit

To create a deposit: click the tab “Deposit”, choose a plan, enter the deposit amount, select the beat system and click “Deposit”



Withdraw funds Solidtradebank

 To withdraw funds from the project, click on the tab “withdraw” and follow the prompts, enter the withdrawal amount, electronic payment system and click “withdraw”






Technical side, Legend SolidTradeBank

SolidTradeBank Technical side

Script: GoldCoders Licensed
Hosting provider: DDOS-Guard
IP-address: (1 Total HYIPs / 1 paying)
SSL: Free SSL valid from 28 Jul, 2019 to 26 Oct, 2019 – Let’s Encrypt
Domain registrar: NameCheap show whois
Domain Registered: Sep 06, 2013 18:40 – Sep 06, 2027 00:00
NS servers:,,,,,
PerfectMoney: U2407915 (no matches found)



Solid Trade Bank today is continuosly growing financial entity which comprises a series of non-financial subsidiaries that allow the head company to evolve day by day and keep a cutting edge position in the priority domains of our business. Here’s a small overview of the Solid Trade Bank key elements.


Solid Trade Bank runs a large activity in investment banking area as a financial institution with initial purpose to provide an assistanship to individuals and corporations in raising capital by acting on behalf its clients as their agent in the issuance of securities. Our responsibilities may also include support services for companies involved in mergers and acquisitions activity and provision of different auxiliary services (from FICC services like fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities to trading of derivatives and equity securities and market making).

Oil & Gas Industry

Energy resourses area is one of the fundamental elements of the activities where Solid Trade Bank subsidiaries are involved. Today our subdivisions are occupied with exploring, extracting, refining, transporting (using pipelines and oil tankers), and subsequent marketing oil and gas products. Our products are used as the raw material for a large veriety of chemical products, including pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, and plastics. This sector is supported by the major industry giants which now are our important partners.

Heavy Industry

Solid Trade Bank heavy industry department (STB HID) is primarily focused on selling goods to other industrial customers, rather than to the end consumer. STB HID holds an intermediary position of the supply chain of other products. Automobile construction, heavy machinery manufacturing are profile activities for STB HID agents. Major products are graders and rollers, bulldozers, crushers, mixers, loaders, backhoes, power cranes, concrete pumps, excavators, pavers, various types of off-road trucks and trailers, and a wide variety of specialized machinery.

Real Estate

Solid Trade Bank strives to get a #1 position in commercial real estate business. The key directions for our company are: audit (as a professional evaluation services); brokerage (a mediatory role for facilitation of a real estate transaction between the two parties); net leasing; property management and real estate marketing. Aside from the sectors listed above the STB provides some relocation services for people or business moving to a different country.

Securities Market

None of modern large financial institutions can survive without a constant evolving. A new area for Solid Trade Bank represents securities market activity. As a service provider we offer the following: transfer of ownership and hedging (insurance) of operations though securities market (options, futures, etc.). We manage the transfer of existing stocks and bonds from owners who refuse to maintain their investments to new clients who are ready to increase those specific


 DEPOSITS  SolidTradeBank





The amount of 500 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U133****->U4178235. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to solidtradebank User SleduiZaMnoicom.. Date: 06:36 18.09.18. Batch: 228749867.

The amount of 500 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U133****->U4178235. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to solidtradebank User SleduiZaMnoicom.. Date: 17:11 07.08.18. Batch: 223873474.

The amount of 300 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U133****->U4178235. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to solidtradebank. User SleduiZaMnoicom. Date: 08:22 27.06.18. Batch: 219105419.

The amount of 200 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U133****->U4178235. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to User SleduiZaMnoicom.. Date: 18:04 25.04.18. Batch: 212567556.

SolidTradeBank reviews – my opinion

The SolidTradeBank  has been working for more than 8 years – it is simply unbelievable. Of course, you tell me – 8% per month can work for a long time, but tell me what project you have seen or know that has worked so much. This is a record already, but how much will the asset still work? Why and how? – this is the main question. I followed the project for a very long time and still did not dare to make a deposit. And so, on the 25th of April 2018, I made the first $ 200 deposit in it. The project started back when the paycheck was alive; Egopay – I remember that time)). The payment has sunk into oblivion, and the project is working.




2022, March 31

New Zealand branch & Extended SSL

Dear customers of SolidTradeBank corporate group!

According to the STB development strategy published by CEO of SolidTradeBank Federic Michael,

STB raises the level of security regarding authorized access to stored funds

and also

expands the company by opening new branch offices across financially active jurisdictions.

Recently the company succeeded in performing the following actions:

A new legal entity SOLID TRADE GROUP LIMITED has been registered in New Zealand featuring these credentials:
☑ Company number: 8304960
☑ NZBN: 9429050301294.
☑ Office Addresses: 501 Karangahape Road, Auckland Central, Auckland, 1010, NZ
For further details relating to this company, check

STB website has been updated with a new
☑ Extended SSL certificate provided by DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA
for 2 years that expires on 29/04/2023.

☑ Documents:
Certificate of Incorporation
Company Extract

2022, February 01
New Payment Options

Dear customers of SolidTradeBank corporate group!
SolidTradebank stops working with payment system PerfectMoney

All STB clients can exchange their Perfect Money funds to USDT (TRC20) at 1:1 rate with 0% fee,
exchange page.

According to the STB development strategy published by CEO of SolidTradeBank Federic Michael, adding popular crypto payment methods is one of top priorities of STB for 2022-2024.

STB announces the support of 11 new payment methods: BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, USDT (TRC20), USDT (ERC20), DOGE, XRP, LTC, DASH, BCH.

2021, December 31

SolidTradeBank 2013 – 2033

Dear customers of SolidTradeBank corporate group!

Another year is coming to an end, another year that we can call a year of achievements, prosperity and mutually beneficial cooperation.
2023 will mark a 10th anniversary of SolidTradeBank going online. In those 10 years many already had kids and even sent them to school. Some even lost someone in that period. Life goes on and so do we.
We’ve come a long way together and we still have more to go. We are thankful to all our clients and partners for those long years of cooperation that will bring more productive results. Now we’d like to take a moment to look back on the current achievements and then share with you corporate plans for the future.

2013 – 2015

– SolidTradeBank goes online and starts providing services through Internet

– STB website introduces a customer interface 1.0

2016 – 2017

– Market research and analysis. Development of profitable investment strategies

– Close cooperation with corporate partners for providing better user experience

– Updating STB website’s user interface

2018 – 2020

– Modernization of STB web platform and website’s script

– Updating current catalog of investment offers

– A thorough engineering of security protocols for the safety of investments


– Preliminary work on registering new STB offices across financially active jurisdictions

– Implementing cryprocurrencies for depositing and withdrawals

– Expanding STB staff and line personnel

2022 – 2024  [WE ARE HERE]

– Addition of new supported payment methods

– Considering of widening current investment plans’ catalog

– Development of STB corporate mobile application

– Opening new STB offices across financially active jurisdictions

– Provision of deposit certificates to the customers

2025 – 2027

– New, more user-friendly UI

– Running a large scale media promotion for STB in Internet

– Growing STB personnel in all offices

– Arrangement of online conferences

– Working in area of blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange

2028 – 2030

– Expansion of STB’s offline activities

– A large scale media promotion for STB over traditional media, including press, TV and radio

– Opening more regional offices

– Launch of regional STB websites

203 – 2033

– Diversification of STB’s activities

– A large scale media promotion for STB over traditional media, including press, TV and radio

We set our goals for the future and assure you that SolidTradeBank will keep evolving and bringing more profits for its clients and partners.

Federic Michael, CEO of SolidTradeBank


2020, May 12

Regarding Payment Methods Used at STB
Exchange is available

– All users of SolidTradeBank who have Payeer at their account balance can exchange these funds to Perfect Money at 1:1 ratio. In order to perform such exchange, please login and go to this page:

– Recently there was posted some info that Perfect Money can increase its service fee for commercial entities. As of now, SolidTradeBank did not receive any messages from Perfect Money regarding this matter and our payments keep working as usually.

– Our company is considering adding stablecoins as an alternative payment methods instead of using Payeer and Perfect Money.
We will inform you once there are any updates.


2020, May 12

Payeer News
SolidTradebank stops working with payment system Payeer

Payeer ceased working with investment platforms, which means that SolidTradeBank cannot use Payeer any longer. All Payeer-related deposit and withdrawal operations are stopped.

All our clients can exchange or withdraw their Payeer funds using Perfect Money without any fees.


2019, June 1

On Recent Updates
Dear members of Solid Trade Bank!
Since 2013 our clients keep getting their profit on a regular basis with no delays whatsoever. With each passing year the number of our customers keeps growing day after day. We believe that stability and traditions are the sure way to do business in our domain, that’s why we stick to using a conservative approach.

Our commitment to careful financial management, and high quality personal service has never wavered. We focus on providing our customers with the most profitable and the safest services on the market. That is why the time has come now to upgrade our website management protocol to the latest and safest version which will improve a system security along with security of customers’ funds. At the same time we have updated the overall look of our online platform. In addition to improved navigation the website has received a version adapted for modern mobile devices. In the meantime the principles of our work, payout schedule and working hours remain the same. There are going to be made few small modifications to investment packages that will not affect our working process. When the business is based on a mutual respect and trust relationship, Solid Trade Bank never betrays the expectations of its customers and it is obvious why our company today is one of the highest rated and most successful financial programs on the market.

In these uncertain times, we are truly thankful to our partners that keep working with us since 2013 and we absolutely guarantee that we will go on doing our best in order to keep your profits stable as ever.

On behalf of entire Solid Trade Bank company we wish you success and prosperity.

Thank you for being with us all these years. Our journey has just begun and we look forward to building a relationship and providing you with all your future banking needs.


You can observe the dynamics of the project on:


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