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How to create a deposit and withdraw money from the project?

How to create a deposit and withdraw money from the project?


  1. Registration:

If you have learned to register once, you can easily register in all projects – the registration is the same almost everywhere.


Click the “Register” button and fill in the registration form. You don’t have to enter real data, except for the number of wallets and mail.

Remember: It’s better to dial your password and secret question/secret answer chaotically on the keyboard and do it first in the notebook, and then, copy to the registration lines.

Why mail? Because, the projects send a letter with registration data. Also, some projects require confirmation of registration by the link.

Filling in the fields of payment systems, do not forget the format PerfectMoney U123456 and Payeer P123456

After registration, you go back to the site and click on Login, or Sign in, or Login account, entering your login and password, sometimes captcha (numbers), to log into your account.


  1. Deposit.


If you are going to create a deposit, read the project plans and find out the minimum amount.

Choose the plan, amount and payment system in which you are going to make a deposit.

Then click the button “Make a deposit”. You will be redirected to the site of your chosen payment system. Double-check the entered data and confirm the payment. Click the “Back to the site” button.

Wait until the funds are credited to your account balance.

Mostly, the deposit appears in your account immediately. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer for the project to credit your money: from 3 to 24 hours. As a rule, such information is contained in the FAQ section (answers/questions).

The funds appear on the balance of your account depending on the plan.



  1. Withdrawal of funds



When the profit is credited to the account balance, you can withdraw it to your e-wallet.

Log in to your account. Go to the “Funds withdrawal” section. Specify the amount you want to withdraw. Select the desired payment method. Click the “Show” button.

Wait until the funds are credited to your e-wallet.

You should also read in the FAQ section (answers/questions) if the withdrawal of funds is in manual mode or instant.

You can find all the information about the money transfer in the “History of payments” section. The presence of the transaction number or batch indicates the final transfer of funds to your wallet. Type: Batch id: 12345678


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