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Responsibility in HYIPs. Who is to blame for the loss of money?

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Responsibility in HYIPs. Who is to blame for the loss of money?


Responsibility in HYIPs



Responsibility in the HYIPs



After each big scam of any HYIP or simply ”money robber” project, which doesn’t work even one day, you can read a lot of angry feedback from the participants on the forums (in particular mmgp) and chats. Everyone is searching who is guilty of losing their money and why it happened.

First of all, enraged investors can attack the TS (the one who opened the topic at the forum) of the project – they say that you brought slag, you are to blame for the fact that we have invested and lost. But let’s think, who is Topic Starter?



Usually this is a person who was paid for monitoring or a blogger, or the first lucky one. He saw the project in the Internet and dragged it to the forum, (there he will take his referral). Sometimes this is the “person” of the admin, but even he cannot know how his “boss” will work. Blaming TS in the scam and losing money is simply pointless. You are the only person who takes all responsibility for yourself in the HYIP.



Consider the second option – the administrator of the project.



Yes, the administrator creates his HYIP, takes care of it, or opens a frank “slag” for collecting money from naive investors. Of course, after the scam in most cases, the administrator himself is to blame, because he closed the project and did not let you take your penny, which you tried so hard to increase in this or that HYIP.

Option number three – investors, but it’s no less humorous option. After feeding one administrator and sitting with the rest of the small funds on the purse, the poor fellows try to repel their losses as soon as possible in the next slag and thoughtlessly carry even more money into the other project. This manifests itself as a “cast” and leads to a rapid scam. So who is responsible for it?



When smart and experienced investors see such kind of action, they usually try to check the admin – they wait a day or two before the deposit, watching how he will survive such an influx of money. Alas, when people invest in HYIP projects, they turn on a “crowd mentality”: “Other people make deposits, so I cannot do the same?” And after the loss, the players of the HYIP industry blame other investors who gave the admin all the money. Such discussions became very popular, and one can learn a lot of interesting things about other people there.



The fourth option is a blogger, refmanager, your upline, in general. Frequently, bloggers participate in projects, as hired advertisers and get a penny from the administrator for this, some of them advertise the project ideologically, receiving referral reward for the attracted investors. It is very stupid to blame this person in the scam. After all, he does not know how long this HYIP will work (except the cases when he invited you into a frank scam). Although this person already has experience in investing – do not believe him blindly and always check the information yourself.



Accusations and the search for the guilty in the loss of money usually come from people who are not used to take decisions by their own heads. They are so afraid of the responsibility for their money, that they are ready to accept any “advice”, like manna from heaven, and it eventually turns out to be not very pleasant to the taste. In all situations of losing money, only YOU (investor) are to blame.



What did you do to avoid the risks in the HYIP?



Think about whether you found the information about the project. Did you read the feedback, how does the project pay before making a deposit? In the loss of YOUR money, only YOU are to blame – you have to remember that. No one, not even the almighty administrator, has the right to force you to bring your money to his project. The decision to make a deposit or not belongs to you only, and all sorts of excuses are self-pity.

I wish you a good profit and don’t forget the main rule of the investor: “If you are informed – you are armed.”


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