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Bittrex exchange: how to register, trade and withdraw your profit?

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Bittrex exchange: how to register, trade and withdraw your profit?

Bittrex exchange: how to register, trade and withdraw your profit? Bittrex exchange – it is one the most popular cryptocurrency stock exchange. And after reading opinions on the forums, it seems that it is ideal. Without exaggeration, the reputation of this trading platform is impeccable. But, working with it has its own characteristics, which I will tell you in this article.

Bittrex Crypto-Currency Exchange– is a famous cryptocurrency stock exchange

Nowadays, the stock exchange called Bittrex ranks the sixth place in the volume of daily trades.


Just think, the site scrolls about $ 297 million a day. Such amounts indicate that the profit from Bittrex is real and it can be very solid. Besides, the fact that this stock exchange offers a wide range of crypto-currency pairs – as many as 261 – adds more confidence to this! And not every service for such trade can boast of so many coins.


A bit of history

This stock exchange started its way to success in 2015 and up to now it has succeeded a lot, because it has bypassed many more burly competitors. For two years the site has become one of the largest exchanges and has gained worldwide popularity. Although in the CIS its demand is not so significant.


Unfortunately, the creators of the exchange were too lazy to make a Russian-language translation. That’s why it is rather hard for Russian-speaking people to understand it. But, according to those who did understand, Bittrex is easy to use and even intuitive.


In preparing this article, I actively studied the information in the network and concluded that negative feedback about Bittrex is several times less than about competitors. Either the site really works very carefully, or it has advantages that can cover shortcomings, but the fact is really impressing.


Stock exchange reliability:


Of course, one of the reasons for the loyalty of users is the level of reliability of the stock exchange. Its creators call themselves the fans of security and are very scrupulous in this matter. As a result – there are no break-ins, hackers, thefts and other phenomena that devastate the wallets of traders.

As for the commission, which the administration takes for its services, it is no more than on other exchanges – 0.25% of the transaction amount. From personal experience I can say that the operations in Bittrex are quick and without delay, the site does not hang as often as on other exchanges.



Support service



Well, if there are any delays, then the support service works promptly and is always friendly, which is important. But I still found the disadvantages of Bittrex: there is no dollar currency, when entering the coin it is necessary to convert to bitcoin, the minimum amount to exchange is 0.0005 BTC, and there are not very convenient graphics. It’s up to you to decide whether these shortcomings are important or not, but as for me, it is just trifles.


Bittrex exchange: registration and verification


If you have inspected the Bittrex stock exchange from the top to the bottom, and you liked it, then there is no reason to hesitate – you should register. And now I’m going to tell you how to do it. First, go to the official website (you should look carefully where we go, because there are dozens of fraudsters now). Registration is rather simple, but if you are not good at it, then follow my instructions:


 Bittrex SIGN UP


Bittrex exchange


  1. Take a look at the site and find a red box with the words “Get started now” (scroll the page a little).
  2. Specify the minimum set of registration data: your login, emailbox and password. At the end, accept the terms of use of the site and press the “Sign up” button.
  3. At this registration does not end – you need to confirm the email. If you have specified the real email, and not the fake address of Vasya Pupkin, then you will definitely receive a letter to confirm the mail. Just follow the link in the letter and you will be happy.
  4. Log in to your account using the designated login and password.

Verify on Bittrex is not necessary if you are a small trader. But if you are a large investor and you are going to operate with amounts over 50,000 evergreen dollars, then you will have to submit your documents


Bittrex exchange – how to replenish the balance?

After you have created your account on Bittrex, it’s time to refill your account and rush into the battle – that is, start trading. As I have already mentioned, there is no dollar currency on this stock exchange, so you have to get the bitcoins from the coffers and replenish the balance with them.

Once you enter your account, go to the “Wallets” section (you can find it in the upper right corner).

Here you will see that for each coin there is a separate purse. It is necessary to find in the list bitcoin and click on “+”.


Bittrex exchange


  1. Instantly a unique bitcoin address will be generated, and you will be able to make a transfer. Just copy the address and send the necessary amount through the purse. If you do not own assets in bitcoins, then you can exchange dollars through the exchanger and immediately indicate the necessary bitcoin-address for transfer to the exchange.


Bittrex exchange – Deposit Bitcoin


Bittrex exchange




  1. After the necessary amount of confirmation, the funds will be sent to your account, so you’ll have to wait a little.


How to trade on Bittrex exchange?


Bittrex exchange


Trading instruments on Bittrex are less convenient than on Poloniex, but you can get used to them. To start trading go to the MARKETS section and select the required currency pair – there are plenty of them on the stock exchange.


The division into the markets of trades on specific crypto-currencies will help you to navigate fast. Everything else looks much the same as on other exchanges – if you have already dealt with trade, then there will be no problems.

On the trading page of a particular pair you will see a graph, and scrolling below a little, you will find what we need – orders. In the purchase requisition, indicate the number of coins, the price and click the “BUY” button.




Bittrex exchange

The sale can be done by analogy – it is necessary to fill in information about the transaction in the “SELL” order.


Bittrex exchange - sell



Bittrex exchange: how to withdraw money?

You can withdraw the obtained profit in the same section of “Wallets”. Select the desired purse and click the “-” button. Next, write down the address of the purse of the selected currency, the amount of withdrawal and click the “Withdrawal” button.



Bittrex exchange – IMPORTANT!

Carefully check the specified data, copy them, and do not enter manually – if you enter the wrong address, then no one will return the money to you.

After you confirm the withdrawal, you will not get the funds on your wallet at once – as expected, you will need to wait for the network to confirm your transaction.

Bittrex exchange - balans



Bittrex Crypto-Currency Exchange: Feedback – it is a large and reliable stock exchange, which presents a large assortment of altcoins. Therefore, it is simply created for those traders who like diversity. There are opinions that the site is more suitable for experienced users, and not for beginners, because they supposed it will be hard for them without a Russian interface, but it is not. If you are inexperienced, you will experience difficulties on any stock exchange, but this is temporary, the main thing is to have the desire to trade and to learn trading.

Well, in other aspects Bittrex has a number of advantages, which cover any difficulties in mastering. So boldly register and start earning together with a decent trading platform.

This concludes the review of, at the end I will only remind you that it is extremely undesirable to use one crypt exchange for trading. Diversify your funds on several websites and this will save your capital from losses.

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