Dear investors and partners!
We are proud to share with you great news: Forex Paradise Ltd. starts issuing Bitcoin debit cards. This allows you to transfer your profit to your plastic card, withdraw cash using any ATM and make payments for your purchases.

Forex Paradise issues 1000 debit cards. Cards will be given to first 1000 members who make deposits of certain size starting with August, 21 2016. Debit cards are issued and delivered to their owners for free after making new deposit of a certain amount. Read offer description here:
Do not miss your chance!

A brief overview of benefits of using our cards:
— Using online banking service you can transfer funds to other bank cards. Also some ATMs allow money transfers from your card to other cards.
— You will receive free SMS notifications regarding your transactions regardless of the place of your current stay.
— With Silver/Gold/Diamond/Royal card you can request an emission of additional cards for your family members or friends. You set limitations for operations performed using this card and you keep track of all expenses. All operations will be included into your statement of account and you will be notified about them via SMS.
— PayPass and payWave contactless payments available.
— You will get 1% refund for all your expenses back to your card balance. In other words, you will have a permanent 1% discount for all purchases and services.
— In addition, depending on type of purchase, you will receive the following reimbursements for paying for special offers:
— Up to 30% for purchasing air tickets and booking hotels.
— Up to 20% for paying checks in restaurants, entertainment centers, night clubs or shopping centers.
— Up to 10% for shopping online (eBay, Amazon, Google Play Market, AliExpress, onine games etc.)
— Up to 5% for making payments at filling stations.

Over the course of promotion, Forex Paradise website takes into consideration total amount of deposits by made the same investor during promotional offer.
If an investor makes few large deposits, he can request an issuing of a card of a superior type.
Read offer description here:

Also, do not forget about our 25% WEEKLY offer. It expires in 2 days, so you definitely shouldn’t miss it too. Read description here:


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