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Online Investment January 8-15, 2020 – Weekly Review

Welcome all. Connected blog about investments and earning on the Internet Another weekly review of Online Investments January 8-15, 2020, to your attention.

All the holidays have passed – we have to work)

Today is just a great day. A small victory in the competition in one of the projects that work on the blog. The project is TOP, but I will tell you more below. I want all my souls to congratulate all the winners !! Such small victories always motivate and activate the desire to move on. I especially congratulate Roman. The guy did a great job and put a lot of effort to win the competition. I am sincerely happy and with all my heart I wish him victories and achievements not only on the Internet, but also in real life). All is well below.

We pay for activity on social networks related to the blog and reports on the movement

of funds in projects working on our resource.

Online Investments January 8-15, 2020


Deposits on $ 6,790 Income $ 155.49

Online Investments January 8-15, 2020 – Project contest on the blog

From January 1 to January 15, a contest was held in the 8BIT project. The conditions were simple and unpretentious. Whose team will request more DOGE cryptocurrencies will win. This currency is given to all participants who register in the project and link the telegram bot in their account.

🤼♂ King of the Hill contest results
On January 15th ended our King of the Hill contest with a :trophy: prize fund of :dollar: $3500. This has turned to be even more :bar_chart: popular than our previous BTC raffle and attracted many :couple: users which lead to some serious 🧗♂ competition. It is great to see a keen interest in this type of activity.  Thank you all for the participation!

Here are our top-5 winners:
🥇 1st place: dina19 won $1000
🥈 2nd place: effectprofit won $500
🥉 3rd place: KELALOGLOU won $200
4th place: ToxicWizzard won $150
5th place: sleduizamnoi won $150

And 145 other prizes were credited to its winners. Full list of the winners is  published at this :link:

As always, you can leave your feedback about this event. Do you like it? Why? Please leave your comments in our Live chat or in the 8-bit Support Center.

By the way, pretty soon we will start a new special event called DOUBLE FLOW on Telegram. Our 8-bit New Year extravaganza is continuing, and you have a good chance of getting DOGE.

 I give a short video guide on how to do this. It may well be that it’s still very, very useful) And yes, be sure to subscribe to the Telegram channel of the project, without this a doge request will be impossible.

The battle was very serious. My position was second in the competition, and at this stage the prize was $ 500. But when the competition began, everyone who slept before became active. I don’t know what these guys did, but my prize dropped to $ 150 – I moved to fifth place). Looking at the whole picture of what is happening, I realized that against such monsters I am powerless) So be it – the strongest will win. I don’t mind at all. I am very pleased with the victory of everyone who took the first 4 places.


Online Investments January 8-15, 2019 – New projects


investment $ 200
payout $ 10.2

About a day ago, I made a description of the project data. I don’t know how everything will be. But I followed the work of investment sites from this administration and came to the conclusion that I need to invest here!) So far, not much. I will see if I am mistaken) You cannot stand and just watch, you need to act). But I look. people liked the project.

Briefly about the main parameters:


  • Fund Launch: 12/05/2019
  • The site is translated into English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish
  • Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
  • Conversion: Present
  • Important: multi-accounts are prohibited
  • Minimum investment: $ 10
  • Maximum deposit: $ 100,000
  • Optimal investment plans: “1.7% – 1.9% daily for 30 – 35 business days” – 1.7% – 1.9% per day for 30 – 35 Business days. The deposit is returned at the end of the investment period.
  • Affiliate program: 7% – 2% – 1%
  • Withdrawal of charges: every day, on business days, applications are processed manually
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 1
  • Refback from the blog: 3.5% (example: you invested $ 200, applied for a bonus, our blog pays $ 7 to your wallet as an additional bonus to your investment). With a bonus, an investor earlier breaks even faster and starts to get a net profit.
  • Blog Contribution: $ 200



investment $ 150
payout of $ 11.34

A project that pays every hour from a very experienced foreign administrator. His projects can work long and stably. Of course, victory in the past does not guarantee good work in the present, but nonetheless. I try to make a small deposit and act on the principle of a circle – $ 50 every day, so that there are $ 150 for active deposits. My first deposit is 1.08% per hour for 96 hours. Payments are instant. Accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash


Luxury Empire

investment of $ 300
payout of $ 19.95

15 days have passed since the creation of the first deposit. Pays by the rules, no complaints. There is no special news, and let it work longer so that we rejoice and make a profit)

Fund Launch: 12.29.2019
Site languages: English
Payment Systems: Perfect Money, Payeer
Important: multi-accounts are prohibited
Minimum investment: $ 10
Maximum deposit: $ 100
Affiliate program: depending on the amount of investment 1% – 1.5% – 2%
Withdrawal of charges: every day, applications are processed manually, up to 72 hours
Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 1
RBC: 100%
Blog Deposits: $300


Online Investments January 8-15, 2020 – TOP projects


investment $2300
payout $ 60

The funds won in the contest, which I wrote about above, I wanted to withdraw. And then I thought that it makes sense to put them into work and made a new deposit for a year – let them grow and multiply).

The craziness in the project continues !!)

👉 Dear 8bit users and partners! 👨‍⚖️ 8bit administration reminds you that you can take part in the 💪 DOUBLE FLOW promo which will run from 📆 January 15th (1 P.M. server time) till January 31st. Within that period all regular 📥 accruals in 8bit 🤩 FREE DOGE faucet will be doubled for regular users and for advanced ones as well.

1️⃣ Double DOGE accruals are applied for:
▫️ Welcoming bonus (20 DOGE for regular users and 60 DOGE for advanced ones instead of just 10 and 30 DOGE accordingly);
▫️ Daily FREE DOGE bonus (2 DOGE for regular users and 20 DOGE for advanced ones instead of just 1 and 10 DOGE accordingly);
▫️ Progressive Bonus for reaching certain milestone and getting a level up.

2️⃣ Double DOGE accruals are NOT applied for:
▫️ accruals for referrals’ registration;
▫️ accruals for FREE DOGE claiming made by your referrals;
▫️ Daily and Monthly random bonuses.
🔥 Hurry up and claim your double bonus!



инвестиции $$ 1000
выплата $ 20

Монстр! Мы постепенно приближаемся к концу инвестиционного цикла через 26 недель.



investment of $ 600
payout of $ 12

Paid out $ 457.2 from $600 of the main deposit…..


NNC systems project

(project on the blog is only in the Russian version but, the site itself has an English translation)

investment $ 1590
payout $ 0

The project came out of the holidays and relative excitement began. Yes, of course, the news reward has fallen, and you still need to work). The asset was supposed to survive the quietest period – the holidays – when investor activity drops to almost zero.

But now there is a quick preparation for launching a new project on the platform, and most importantly, what they promise is a much more friendly registration. Let’s see, I’m all impatient. In the meantime, I bought another server for 500USD. With all the seeming silence, I’ve been catching this server for more than a day – silence is such silence)) Let the coins drip, they will be very useful in the new investment fund project. I have not yet concluded anything – the rate is also low. Waiting for a good price

Online Investments January 8-15, 2020


❤️Shara Today

investment $ 150
payout of $ 12

Today is exactly 70 days since I was in the project and my deposits in the amount of 150USD are working – some are coming to an end. I expect deposits for 4 weeks on exit and

I noticed one interesting feature. While you go into the office – you can torment. I come in now either very early in the morning or late in the evening. The site doesn’t hang like that, people have subsided and you can safely take profits). It is also necessary to take into account that the site is not multilingual, then it would fall constantly from the influx of people)


Online Investments January 8-15, 2020 – off-blog projects


investment of $ 500
payout of $ 10

Pays. Nothing more to say)


Financeprime Inc – I left the project about what I wrote on my telegram channel. And today complaints have already gone that payments went selective.

Hourperfect – also came out. I moved to another, more recent project with similar plans, I wrote about it above.


Income October 11-12

Income October 11.10.19-12.10.19 – news and payments of the blog

Income October 11-12     Greetings to all users and subscribers of our investment blog. …

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