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Investing on the Internet January 1 – 8, 2020 – Weekly review

Welcome all! It seems the main holidays have come to an end, no? Or is the Old New Year yet to come? But, I know for sure that the main wave of the brightest New Year holidays has subsided and my weekly report Investments on the Internet January 1 – 8, 2020 to your attention. But, first of all, I want to congratulate you all who celebrate Christmas on January 7th! Peace in your soul to you, happiness, health and in all everything all success and good luck. God’s blessings to you and your loved ones.


Nothing special to write. Projects work stably. However,  “ludomanism” prevails, and I really want to “attach” a couple more cents to the topic) I’ll see where you can contribute more))

I want to remind you that there are no many projects in the English version. They are only in the Russian translation, so view exactly the Russian version. I think that those who invest on the Internet will fully understand everything. Yes, and a description of all the characteristics of the project can be verified with the version on the sites themselves.


Deposits on $ 5090 Income $ 207.36

Comment, write about deposits and payments from projects that are on our investment blog. Also, our blog, every 12th day of the month, rewards cash prizes for its activity in popularizing on social networks.


Investing on the Internet January 1 – 8, 2020 – New

luxury-empire style

Investment $ 300

Payout: $ 19.95

A week is a project on our blog and I added another deposit in the amount of 100USD. The total investment in the project is now 300USD / Normal and stable pays. I recommend paying attention to this asset, I think that it should work well. Next week I will make a description of the project. The admin did not fail – we have already worked with him more than once. And while it’s partisan mode – you know that in this mode, you can often make good money.


 Investing on the Internet January 1 – 8, 2020- The best


Investment $ 1000

Payout: $ 20

I will not change traditions and start with Solid. Quietly and smoothly, my next lap is coming to an end on a long plan with an investment of 1000USD. Of course, itching to attach money to another project, but why? Time passes quietly and inevitably and profit in this circle is just around the corner. All this is conditional, of course. When the deposit reaches the balance sheet, and I really believe in it, then we can say that the depositor doubled. This is if I have not lost the number of laps completed). Pay your eyes here. There are so many scams around, and in solid, like that bunker, you won’t get it)


8bit ltd

Investment $ 2150

Payout: $ 65

All my referrals, pull yourself up! You also earn)

The more order Doge cryptocurrency will be from you, the higher will be my prize place)

In my structure there are about 300 people, but they order the payment of the entire cryptocurrency only 50 people. Is it possible to skip such a “freebie”?

Wow, what battle is now taking place in the new contest, for whose referrals more dogs will be requested. Everything was nothing, but this action spurred the audience very cool. I will even say more: I was in second place and, as expected, could get a second prize. But some guys became active, who “drag” referrals, simply astronomical quantities.

Of course, it’s good that there is such an opportunity to compete for very generous prizes, but I don’t know HOW these guys reach such positions. In general, I flew out of second place and now got entangled somewhere in the tail) It doesn’t really upset me, because I know for sure that I can make good money with this amazing admin even on the passive).



Investment $ 600

Payout: $ 12

There is a bank, and there is a safe in it) The asset safe depository pleases with its payments. Think two more months, and it will be 1 year from the moment of creation of the first deposit. And at the moment, $ 445.2 has already been paid on both deposits. Can you imagine how many times I will get a net profit when the deposit amount is paid, wow!? Yes, in this project there are no referral payments, but money is constantly dripping like rain)))


NNC systems project

Investments 1090USD

Payout: $ 0

The project description is available only in Russian. For a better understanding, use either the English version of the site or the Google Chrome browser, where there will be an automatic translation

I already have in the project, and at the moment the “body” of the deposit is already in my wallet. Everything that I take off from this time or make reinvest will already be a net profit. True, the profit has already gone a little earlier, but small

And this is the latest news:

Update regarding token issue. The limits I announced have or will take effect in the very near future:

Good time of day, dear colleagues!

In addition to the preventive work, the test phase of the NNC token issue also comes to an end. The project team is in the final phase of technical work on the debugging infrastructure for working with cryptovrency tokens.

In this context, the NNC project officially informs you that regulations for the issuance of NNC tokens will be introduced in cryptocurrency wallets in the near future.

1) Every user of the project can create 2 applications for issuing NNC tokens in cryptocurrency wallets within 24 hours.

2) The first application – from 10 to 100 NNC tokens. Processing the application is free of charge.

3) The second application – from 10 to 5000 NNC tokens. Processing fee: 2% of the application amount, but not less than 5 NNC and not more than 20 NNC.

4) The maximum processing time for the application is 72 working hours.

We believe in it. We know this. We are there.

With all due respect,

iBelieve team”



Investment: 0
Received: 0

The project description is available only in Russian. For a better understanding, use either the English version of the site or the Google Chrome browser, where there will be an automatic translation

While standing on the sidelines). Probably, nevertheless, I will add another deposit. It works quietly and pays stably.


Investing on the Internet January 1 – 8, 2020 – OUTSIDE THE BLOG

In the Russian version of our blog there is a section “Projects outside the blog
On this page will be posted projects – candidates for posting on our blog. Project names are highlighted in blue and clickable – you will be immediately transferred to the site for registration. The page was created in order to unsubscribe from the movement of funds in each asset that will be presented here.



Investment $ 500

Received: 10

Received payment from the project. I’ve been in it since 2017, but from time to time I exit the bottom of the project, and then I go back again)). My 500 dollars work and pay). The deposit can be withdrawn once a week, but I just reinvest without withdrawing the amount of investment in the wallet. I do not want to spend time and feed the payment system))


Financeprime Inc

Investment $ 100

Payout: $ 53.91

Well what can I say, my friends? Profit is already on – this refers to the sum of both deposits. It is very nice for us. When the Chinese want to work, everything turns out fine.) True, given that the Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 25, until I will no longer create new contributions. Let them finalize these two deposits. I must say that I was very surprised by the project. Depa little, a total of 200 dollars. This is my first experience with Chinese admins. Pleasantly surprised, very)


Investment $ 100

Payout: $ 14

I constantly replenish my account with $ 50 daily – it is no longer necessary to have $ 100 in my account. I am quite satisfied with the first plan in the project. There is a small profit though. But, remember the diversification of funds


Investing on the Internet January 1 – 8, 2020 – Cryptocurrency

1. Binance Exchange opens another payment gateway for the purchase of BTC, ETH, BNB and XRP with Visa cards for Czech crowns, Bulgarian levs and Romanian lei.

2. Have you seen how bitcoin rose in price yesterday? On the Exmo exchange yesterday it reached almost 8300, and only today everyone else pulled themselves up. Then the cue ball fell, but I watch one telegram channel where a change of $ 5 is immediately credited to the account and the price is tracked. At the moment, the cue ball has dropped to 7909USD again.

Here’s what’s interesting ..

Many analysts attribute the rise of bitcoin to the situation in the Middle East. You can, of course, understand this position, if taken seriously. People immediately start looking for safe investment options. The situation in the Middle East is so aggravated that the world media began to talk about the threat of a third world war. And, as soon as the US President made it clear to the world that he did not intend to increase the escalation by military means, the cue ball immediately poured down. Is it a coincidence or something else, just a tragic chain of circumstances, but I think this point of view has the right to life.

And yet .. because of this aggravation, our Ukrainian plane, the Ukrainian airline MAU, crashed. Killed 180 people. It doesn’t matter what nationality and citizenship, but the pain of loss from this is not mitigated. The grimaces of war … what else to say? ..

Something like that .. It seems to be an investment report, but I couldn’t get past such a tragic event .. That’s why the report was made so late – it was just a shock from what happened ..

In conclusion, I want to say: the world is so shaky, take care of yourself …



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