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Internet Investment November 6th – Weekly Review

Investments on the Internet on November 6

Greetings to all subscribers and users of our investment blog! Description of the activities of the blog Investing on the Internet on November 6, to your attention.
Autumn is in the yard, have you seen? And we have such warmth that everything is green against the background of already fallen leaves on the trees. They only say that in the capital, sakura blossomed. I do not like neither autumn nor winter – life freezes. Therefore, I so persistently, on my Telegram channel, in the morning greeting I put pictures of summer: flowers, butterflies, bouquets). Okay .. I did the retreat, let’s get to work.

As always, in a calm manner, without rushing but, relatively briefly, let’s talk about projects on the blog, their work and all sorts of different things).

Investments in 380 USD, Income 701 USD

I want to say a few words. Not all projects are on the blog. not all projects are translated into English. Some announce on my telegram channel. Subscribe and stay tuned.


Investments on the Internet on November 6 – Funds that have left the blog


Finished his brilliant work Mindhome Limited. The language has never been turned to name the end of payments in such funds – scam. Best suited: stopped working. This investment fund gave 155% of net profit to those who came with us. Total revenue was 255% with a bonus from the blog. Great job. We are waiting for the admin with a new creation.


Internet investments on November 6th  – New contributions

Just earn it

Today I rewrote the 100US fund, I’ll directly say with pleasure – I like everything so unusual). 50% of net profit has already been received, maybe I’ll slip through the circle). The admin, however, is constantly changing plans for the second block, where the deposits are “after” – “after”, but, as the unforgettable Sharikov said: “we have nothing to look at,” we know our stuff tightly) Added  Video review by Justearnit

NNC systems

Finally, a great review was made on the blog of this investment platform, so far only in Russian. Click on the name and you will be taken to the description of the investment fund itself. Despite the fact that the withdrawal of funds is recorded in the regulations within 5 business days, the money was received two days later. At this very time, new servers came up, with a price of 500USD, and I made a contribution there, bought one such “power”. Currently, the total investment is $ 1,100. The principle of work became clear: you can’t withdraw the entire deposit just like that. A part of the tokens is redeemed, transferred to the dollar balance. That is, to blame, having finished the project, it will not work) – I think this is a positive point.

I also added a Video review on earning without investments in this project.


Investments on the Internet on November 6 – Other Blog Investment Funds


11 days on the blog in the Russian version and almost 42% of the deposit body has already been received. Advertising on all YouTube. On the day, dozens of videos from the bourgeoisie. Bullets instant payments. Accrual of interest in the fund every minute. let everything go well and profit not be long in coming!
Video review

Eos Trade

Even I got lost with this project. Until I left. I saw there started to pour crazy deposits, it became scary). I’ll think about it, maybe I’ll make a new deposit. But I will see how these deposits work. At the moment, received 24% of net profit. – passed two investment circles according to the first plan.


More than a month and a half on the blog of this investment platform. Our deposit in bitcoins is approximately $ 150, withdrawal of interest on deposits every three days due to the fact that the deposit is small. Everything is quiet, everything is calm, pays as part of the regulations

Investments on the Internet on November 6 – The best investment sites


Project SUPER! Let it work for another 6 years). I think it might be worth increasing the deposit to $ 1,000. Every six months, investments double.


Самый крутой инвестиционный фонд на блоге доходности. 20 дней и почти половина чистой прибыли от депозита – Bomb – Rocket!


From the same galaxy of investment projects with a small percentage, but work for years. The result is that you can make good money. But, as I understand it, the fund is in partisan mode. My 600 dollars are there, and almost half of them have already gone into my wallet.

8bit Ltd

At all deposit limits, where 25% is left, where is the third. people little by little understand the profitability of this super investment site and invest, invest, invest. My conclusion last week was more than $300  – many foreigners figured out the chip and invested – I do not speak from the ceiling, but I see my structure in my account.


Investments on the Internet on November 6 – Projects outside the blog

Basically, all investment funds in this section are described above. I will add those that I did not mention


Deposit $ 100, on the plan: 2% for 21 days. Pays pretty fast. Take a closer look ..


Investment $ 100, on the plan: 1% for 20 working days, go through the third round


A deposit of $ 0, while it was released, but the project pays steadily and on time.


Income October 11-12

Income October 11.10.19-12.10.19 – news and payments of the blog

Income October 11-12     Greetings to all users and subscribers of our investment blog. …

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