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Greetings to all! The review shows an interesting, non-standard medium-interest GovBID project (official website) and the marketing of the purchase of contracts (lots) for a fixed amount. Judging by the site itself, we can say that the approach of the team of the creators of the project is serious and professional.



1.Govbid org overview

2.Information about the company

3.Govbid Investment Terms

4.affiliate program

5.Govbid org tutorial

6.Registration in the project

7.Depositing funds and making a deposit

8.Withdraw funds from the project


1.Govbid org overview

About Us

GovBid Platform is an exceptionally powerful instrument, brought to you with an honorable agenda of ending the global poverty by utilizing the force of two profitable industries combined together. Become a part of a global contract trading niche by performing gainful bidding yourself!

Everything in this world is cyclic. Millennials were lucky enough to observe a technological revolution, which has to lead us to the greatest surge of an uncontrolled online gambling and securities fraud of the past century. In fact, the only difference between an early “dot com” bubble and all the blockchain endeavors, is the convenience as well the perfect timing for those, who were able to perfect their manipulation tactics early on. “To live a little” may also mean an advice on becoming familiar with life’s cycles, thus with an experience, a new wave of youth can define agendas of the market and key player’s motives behind.

The decentralized instrument of liberty which was designed to become a savior has finally exploded in the shape of an atomic bomb, destroying the lives of millions. This all can serve us with another example of a scientific wonder, which promised us once nothing but the peace and prosperity, yet ended up with a cost of blood. Is this a radical overstatement or we are simply facing a fact of a recent token offering’s destructive flood?

Digital cryptographic currency market had become that very sword of choice for those, who always knew the exact story written with many years of the financial experience, thus when time is right, they will again enjoy all the fruits of your labor, even if it will take them to walk over mountains of bodies once again.

The blockchain financial market’s pattern is plainly directed by ones who see at dark, thereby the only thing you can do, is to find a reliant hand, to guide you towards the light of a legitimate opportunity, where you can control the flow and make decisions yourself. Today, you can finally drop all the chains and flash the watchful eye, as to stay cognizant, you only have to use a technological advancement within a field where rules are set in stone.

At this website you may find an answer to your search, as we know that behind the curtain of all the shifting lucky chances, there is a strong, yet purposely hidden to stay lone attainable, a proven way of creating a solid source of income for you and your nearest.


The multinational organization, which structure is legally formed as: GB Contract Trading LLC. (USA) , GB Contract Trading LTD. (Hong Kong), GovBid Platform LTD. (United Kingdom), including all affiliated Partners, was designed to work within a field of a government supply & services contracts, as well as public auctions, international logistics and overseas specialized items shipping.

Becoming a third-party mediator, we connect our database of all the available government pool of contracts with a list of private corporate suppliers, eligible to perform a corporate bid on a given contract, often having a key trading aspect as a sufficient inventory in stock.

By creating a platform, on which we display only the most lucrative openings, thus making a majority of them available to our clients, we can accumulate an indispensable amount of assets for the selected supplier to either perform a short-term lien on contract’s terms, or to initiate a sale of the contract’s bond, by a supplier-owned or oneself produced inventory in stock.

All funds, aka. “Digital Assets” that have been collected during the term of the contract are then shaped in a form of a capital infusion provided to the supplier, which is legally structured in a form of a loan, with a lien on a final payment pledged by the initiator of a contract.

Once contract has been signed off and all its terms are finally met, the amount paid to the supplier is to become available and to be distributed in accordance with its lien agreement.

The difference between the capital required (or the value of items listed as an entry) and digital assets pool, a particular supplier had been provided with (as a short term purchase of his inventory, qualified to acquire the contract), is then distributed among a selected group of users, who all have had a chance to obtain a part of the contract’s lien or bond during the active bidding process performed within their “Secure Area” (aka. Personal Profile)

2.Information about the company


The project started on August 17, 2019. According to legend, the Govbid hyip-project works in the field of tender and government contracts – it is an intermediary organization between suppliers and customers.

Launch date: 08/17/19.
Marketing: the purchase of contracts (lots) for a fixed amount of Deposit and profit at the end of the investment period.
Payments: pays manually (24 hours).

ЭПС: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Tron, Stellar, Zcash

Affiliate program: 20% of investor income.
Our contribution: $ 100


3.Govbid Investment Terms

According to interest rates in lots and terms, the project can be attributed to both medium-income and high-yield projects.

There is a lot system in the project, such a system is not new. Who has been friends with our blog since its inception, he already knows that such a system has been in projects in various variations. The essence is simple and unpretentious: from time to time in the office you can see various lots on which the deposit amount, term of work and interest rate are written.

The most important feature in this project is that all the plans “after” – “after” that is, the payment of deposit and interest on it is carried out at the end of the term.

There are no restrictions on the purchase of lots – you can buy as many lots as you see fit.


4.Affiliate program


A perfect start to display your skill at creating a team of active bidders.
Inviting users under your 1st downline will provide you with an opportunity of getting a fixed rate 20% affiliate commission, credited from all the revenue of your directly invited partners.

** For instance, if a particular team member will perform a list of bid actions, thus by acquiring contract’s terms he or she will gain a proximate revenue of $1200 upon the expiration of a given contract, where Margin Difference will result at $200 perspectively, your profile will be automatically credited with $40 of a referral commission.

If you can perform at your best and create a strong team of leaders, a unique three-tier 5%-2-1 deposit-based affiliate program will provide you with a strong motivation at performing within each level of your referral tree, thus over time generating a completely passive income for you & your family.

** Each new deposit made by an affiliate up to 3 levels deep, will provide you with a fixed rate commission from not only all the directly invited partners but also their affiliates as well, all resulting with a substantial level of passive revenue given accordingly to your actions.

Becoming an official Counselor of the Organization itself may indeed provide you with financial independence for the rest of your life.
As the very special deposit-based 7%-2-1 affiliate program will be empowered with one and only GB Counselor Package, which will speak for itself.

** However it might take some time to achieve such a status as it will require not only a mass recognition and strong network of Representatives but a tangible vision of your team-development plan synchronized with a strong public image.


5.Govbid org tutorial

The project is not quite standard, as you managed to notice. And at the moment the site is translated only into English. In the future, if you look at the top panel on the site, there will be many more language versions. But, in detail, as always, I will sign all the steps: registration in the project, depositing funds, creating deposits, withdrawing funds


6.Registration in the project

Registration Instructions

  • To register, go to the main page of the site
  • Click on the inscription «Register for free»




  • Pay attention to the inviter.
  • Your Correct Upgrade Margo Tsareva, SleduiZaMnoicom
  • Enter the name, surname, in the drop-down list the country of residence, enter the mail and confirm the mail



  • Register your login
  • Create a password – confirm your password
  • Create a pin code of at least 4 characters – confirm the pin codeImportant! Without a PIN code, you will not be able to make changes to your account, nor withdraw money.



  • Enter the data of your payment systems


  • Ask a secret question to choose from: friend’s last name, school name, your city.
  • Accept the terms of the user agreement below, enter the verification code (captcha) and click the “Sign up now” button.


7.Depositing funds and making a deposit

To create a deposit in the project you should first replenish the balance

Balance replenishment

  1. In your account, click on the tab “My Wallet”
  2. Select operation “Deposit”
  3. Specify a payment system
  4. Enter the desired deposit amount (from $ 1 to $ 10,000)
  5. Click the “Proceed” button and proceed to payment


Wait for balance replenishment

Go to the “Available Contracts” tab

Select any contract from the list and click on the “Join for …” field




8.Withdraw funds from the project


Withdraw your revenue & enjoy all the fruits of your labor

At some point, it is the right time to make your revenue work for you. Going back to “My Wallet” section will allow you to request a particular amount of digital funds, when by clicking at the “Withdraw” button and confirming the request, funds are about to be transferred to the specified wallet…

After submitting your withdrawal request, the transaction’s status will be displayed at the History of your Wallet, when upon the expiration of the security timer, the amount requested will be instantly transferred at your e-wallet.

Please note, that withdrawal requests will only process after the timer is compete. (Not including the weekends when the timer freezes up to become active by Monday again)

G.B.P.’s Administrative & Accounting teams are constantly monitoring the financial activity within the system, hence there is a set of security measures applied which might be useful for any user to become familiar with. To find out more, please explore the “G.B.P. Financial Monitoring” web-page.




My GovBID deposits




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