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Earnings on the Internet on October 23 – Weekly review

Earning on the Internet on October 23


Hello! I resume publishing weekly reviews. I am constantly looking for something new in the flow of information for investors. At the moment, the old form of publications has proven to be the most acceptable. Therefore, the format of the weekly review has returned and “Earnings on the Internet on September 23” to your attention.

For a long time we have not met in a similar format. Only payouts basically. It’s not possible to shock the numbers): at the first stage – yes, it was, and then, like that “first time married” – we got used to). I won’t strain much – it’s necessary to serve everything in a dosed manner)



INCOME $ 188.60



Earnings on the Internet on October 23 – Blog Projects



Bomb! On the blog for more than a year and a half. I’m going through the second big circle on a plan of 2% per week for 26 weeks. On Wednesdays, a payout of an investment of $ 1000 in the amount of $ 20.


The fourth month of finding the project on our resource, WOW! For a circle of pure 42% it turns out + another bonus from us. Well what to say? Such beauty must be caught and earned in them tirelessly)

8Bit Ltd

Here, my deposit is still modest, only $ 550, but by paying referrals from my funds, I do not withdraw anything – I am accumulating for a new deposit. Then I will make an investment, and in addition, for the availability of money on the balance sheet – while I am accumulating it – more buns will drip.


The site accepts only cryptocurrency. Creation from the Rasleton project team. At one time, they worked perfectly, and then everything came to naught. For a long time they were not heard, and here again we see them on the air. I went through the first round with an investment in o.02 BTS. Now I went into the second, I hope everything works out. For the investment circle in the foreground, a net profit of 31.5% + a bonus from the blog = 35% is obtained. I really hope for their stable and profitable work this time – they may well succeed.


Quietly and modestly, almost imperceptibly, this handsome man, already for 4 months, gives accruals from a deposit of $ 600. At the moment, $ 310.8 is withdrawn – a little less than 50%. There are no referrals here – the admin allows you to earn only on the liability). Join now so you don’t bite your elbows …


Earnings on the Internet on October 23 – Projects outside the blog

I talk about these projects only on our Russian-language channel in a telegram, but you can understand everything, if there was a desire)


Just Earn It


Quite an interesting resource – without an office, to which we are accustomed. Just enter your data, invest and drive. Payments are made by atom. I already got two. Referrals also in auto mode fly to the wallet. But, you still have to order them in the refback section. I think you’ll figure it out yourself. If something is unclear, you are welcome in PM in the Telegram.


5% per day for 5 days with a refund of the deposit at the end of the term.


EOS Trade


Passed the first round in the foreground. Net profit of 12% was received and I went on the second round with an investment of $ 100 on a plan of 1.2% per day for 10 days. It will be necessary to do a review, it seems that the project is worthy to go to the blog. The minimum investment for entering the project is quite affordable – from $ 20 and the terms of investment circles from 10 to 30 days: the longer the circle, the greater the percentage of accrual per day, the deposit in all plans is returned at the end of the term.

Marketing Plans:


1.2% for 10 days

Min deposit: $ 20


1.4% for 20 days

Min deposit: $ 20


1.6% for 30 days

Min deposit: $ 20


NNC project


Announced NNC for more than a month. And an open start was made three days ago, which means that this is new. We are at the beginning, remember this! Here you can earn very good money.

Only on the second day I managed to catch more serious capacities for $ 150 and as many as 4 servers. And the day before I had to be content only with the purchase of $ 15 – they took 5 pieces for $ 75. The excitement is of course insane ..

And today the first calculations on servers for $ 150 have already begun – they need to wait a day after purchase to activate them. Small capacity for $ 15, he begins to work immediately. In a word, stay tuned in the Telegram. Soon I will make a description of the project on the blog




Here, the investment is modest – $ 100. 1 circle for 20 business days at 1% per day. The second race is taking place. It’s easy to guess who the administrator is, “Pirates,” so we called this project, remember? Everything was wonderful there before changing clothes and 8 cycles – net profit was 60%. And then he changed clothes and ruined all the work. I don’t hint at anything, but we’ll see when the site redesigns. ..




The project was announced in a telegram of the blog channel. Honestly, I did not expect such a result of the bombing – 80% of net profit. Too bad I made a small deposit at the beginning. But the rules of diversification must be respected.

We get daily: from 6% to 9% per day forever


I came out of here, but I think to come back again .. I’ll look


That’s the whole review for today. I’ll meet you in a week.


Income October 11-12

Income October 11.10.19-12.10.19 – news and payments of the blog

Income October 11-12     Greetings to all users and subscribers of our investment blog. …

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