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Earning on the Internet August 7-14 – Weekly Review

Earning on the Internet on August 7-14

To everyone, users and subscribers of our blog, HELLO!) Wednesday today – time flies so imperceptibly – and again a Weekly review to your attention. According to the schedule and calendar: Earning on the Internet on August 7-14


Earning on the Internet on August 7-14


The review will be brief. The blog has not undergone any special changes on projects. Even I was very scared after a wild loss of 500 USD. It is better to add money to working projects, and not get into all sorts of shit and lose your hard-earned money in two-day suckers. Quiet glanders it is quite possible to earn + trading on the exchange. We’ll start with it because my bnb coin shot and gave me a little money to earn).. We’ll start with it because my long-awaited coin shot and gave me a little money to earn). If I had placed orders in the mind – earlier, I would have used even more when the coin jumped to 51 USD. I missed that moment. And so, while 31.8USD I share the joy with you)


Earning on the Internet August 7-14 – Cryptocurrency

A couple of days ago, I threw off some of the bnb coins on the Binance exchange and earned quite a good deal. The rest of the coins are arranged by a ladder and I will wait already when it comes to the desired amount. Most importantly: I returned the deposit spent on the purchase of all the coins and managed to spit another 400 USD. The remaining coins are already pure profit.

Now the viola is crushed by the cue ball and still have to wait and wait for a positive result. Yes, and the cue ball itself is not so hot .. we got stuck – when it cost 3000USD – we were waiting. Now he has more than tripled and not enough again – we’re used to it) There will be a rise, I don’t even doubt it, only “time and patience”, as the Spartans said.

Now let’s go through the hypes:

Earning on the Internet August 7-14 – Testing  section



5% for 30 business days, 110% after 10 calendar days

  Weekly payout: 0.00305 BTC ($ 34.74 USD)

Received a little more than 65% of the body of the deposit. Due to the small deposit in this project, payment is received 1 time per week. Moving on)



Plan: 2.1% to 6500% per day for a period of 20 to 90 days.

Weekly payout: $ 44.11

The second round with a depot of 100USD. I really want quality work from the admin. The project raised the maximum deposit to 200USD. As I wrote in the previous weekly review, I will not increase the deposit yet.



Plan: 1.1 % 50 days, 1.30% 100 days


Weekly payout: $ 23.09

A month and 10 days project on the blog. Pays under the rules. People accepted the project, there are active reinvests. And we will see the end of the first round with a deposit of 300USD.



2.1% per day for 60 days, 0.35% per day for 30 days

Deposit – $300

Weekly payout: $ 44.11

The third month the project is on the blog and let it continue to pay the same: cheerfully, cheerfully and as part of the regulations). Before going to breakeven in the second round with a deposit of 300USD, there is quite a bit left)





0.4% to 5% per day for 555 days
Deposit $600

Weekly payout: $ 12

Pays, thanks, admin)



Plan: 0.2% for 25 business days, 2% per week for 26 weeks

Weekly payout: $ 20

Going quietly – the master’s business is afraid) We are going to double the deposit) Another 24 weeks and “the key is in our pocket.” Thank you admin. 50% you already gave)) You, smartie)



2.1% for a period of 80 days
Deposit $200

Weekly payout: $ 29.40

175 days of the project on-line and the fifth month of finding the project on our blog. Here is my picture in my account: Deposit: $400.00, Earned Total: $533.40. Admin, thanks for the profit already made. Click on, well done!)



0.5% – 1% daily for 30 days – for 360 days (principal return)

Weekly payout: $ 7

Pays, thanks, admin)

That’s all. Was with you, Margo



 102% after 7 days
Deposit $ 200

Weekly payout: $ 4

Pays, thanks, admin)

That’s all for today. Was with you, Margo



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