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Ceribo – Details, Plans and Review project – 32% of net profit in 15 days

Ceribo – from 32% of net profit in 15 days

Greetings to all! On the blog, a new project from the experienced administration of Ceribo (official website of the project)( with marketing 2.1% for a period of 15 days and 150% after 15 days.


I entered the project by my own means: no insurance and no listings. Be aware of the risks. Since the asset has just begun its stay on the blog, it will be posted in the “Testing” section

Your Correct Upgrade SleduiZaMnoi





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1. Ceribo: general information
2. Project Marketing
3. Affiliate program
4. Instructions for working with the project
4.1 Registration
4.2. Making a deposit
4.3. Withdraw funds in the Ceribo project
5. Technical data, legend, Ceribo documents
6. My review on – my opinion


1. Ceribo: general information


Launch Date: 03/29/2019
Optimal investment plans: – 2.1% for a period of 15 days and 150% after 15 days. Deposit and profit at the end of the investment period.
Payments: pays manually (time limit 72 hours).
EPS: Bitcoin,
Affiliate program: 7%.
Bonus from the blog: 3.5% (example: you invested $ 200, applied for a bonus, our blog pays $ 14 to your wallet as an additional bonus to your investment). With a bonus, an investor earlier breaks even faster and starts to get a net profit.
There is a bonus from the blog when reinvesting from the balance. When reinvesting (extending the deposit for a new term), we simply create a new application for a bonus through the form, there is no need to withdraw funds from the project and invest again.
Our contribution: 0.01510505 BTC ($ 145)


Order Blog Bonus

2. Project Marketing

The line of plans in the project is well known to investors. In the hands of an experienced administration, it can be not only working, but also very profitable. Payments in the project are manual – 48 hours

Important! Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is accepted and paid without conversion.

The number of deposits is limited – 2 per plan

The project offers three plans.

Первый план – мой выбор:

Самым оптимальным считаю первый план  с доходностью 2.1% в сутки на 15 календарных дней, где проценты выплачиваются ежедневно, а сам депозит в конце инвестиционного срока. Минимальная сумма депозита: о.о1 БТС, максимальная 0,025 БТС. Чистая прибыль по первому плану составляет 131.5% за 15 дней, а с нашим бонусом 134.5% чистой прибыли за инвестиционный круг


Second plan:

For those who like to take risks, the second plan is also for 15 calendar days, with an interest rate of 150%, where the interest and the body of the deposit are paid in one payment, at the end of the investment period.

The minimum deposit amount on this plan is 0.01BTC, the maximum amount is 0.06 BTC.

Net profit for the second plan will be 50%, and with a bonus from the blog 53.5%

And the third plan:

The investment circle in the background differs from the previous two and amounts to 90 calendar days and 5,000% profit. The deposit and interest on it are paid at the end of the investment period in one payment.

The minimum deposit on this plan is 0.01BTS – the maximum is 0.5BTS.


Order Blog Bonus

3. Affiliate program

Invite partners to the project and earn extra profit. It is important that affiliate accruals can be received even without a deposit in the project.

The affiliate program in the project is three levels and each is charged from the investor’s deposit.

1st level – 7%

2nd level – 2%

3rd – level 1%

Judging by the information on the site, an affiliate program for representatives is still expected. but, while there are question marks – we will wait)



4. Instructions for working with the project

The project site exists only in the English version, and until recently, without a VPN, it was just impossible to get to the project site. At the moment, the administration is guided by a foreign audience, but even without a Russian translation, I will describe in detail how to work with the project so that you can calmly navigate and start making money.

4.1 Registration

Registration Instructions

1. Go to the main page of the project site Ceribo on our affiliate link

On the main page, in the right corner, click the «Sign up» button.



2. Before you open the registration form. Enter your name, mail and repeat the mail


3. Next, write down your username, password, confirm the password, come up with a secret question and a secret answer. I advise you to keep the secret question and secret answer. In cases of losing access to your account, only through these parameters you can, with the help of technical support of the project, restore access to your account.

And below check the name of your invitation, there should be SleduiZaMnoi and you will have the right to order a Bonus from our blog.



4. In the last part of the registration form, fill in your payment details. At this stage, the project accepts only Bitcoin. Write down the number of your Bitcoin wallet and click the «Register» button



4.2. Making a deposit

To create a deposit:

1. In your account, click on “Make deposit”

2. Choose an investment plan

3. Click on the payment system selection button (so far only Bitcoin)

4. Enter the amount of the deposit

5. Click on the “Make deposit” button.



4.3. Withdraw funds in the Ceribo project


To withdraw earned funds from the project

In your account, go to the “Withdraw” tab, in the upper right corner. It is important to remember that the output in the project is carried out in manual mode and can take up to 72 hours.


5. Technical data, legend, Ceribo documents

Technical details

Script – Unique GoldCoders
Domain –, LLC
SSL certificate – SSL EV
DDOS secured Trust Guard

Project Legend:

Ceribo is an innovative company specializing in the development and improvement of modern pharmacology. Having set the course for the fastest possible progress and striving to ensure stability, we conduct our activities in three directions simultaneously. Our unique inventions, investment and mediation – these are the main vectors of our successful promotion and growth. Being one of the most promising companies, we don’t rest on our laurels and are continually improving. Ceribo’s unique marketing strategy aims at maximizing the effective use of many years’ experience. The individual products of our specialists, which allows us to demonstrate high financial results year after year. Each step we take is the result of the hard work of a carefully selected team. Cooperating with us, you not only increase your capital but also contribute to the development of one of the most critical sectors in the field of health care – pharmacology. We appreciate the efforts and assistance of our partners. It reflects in your balance on the platform.


Ceribo Limited is registered in the UK in accordance with international law.

58 Theobalds Road, London, United Kingdom, WC1X 8SF



6. My review on – my opinion

Before us is a very interesting site on medical topics. As you can see, the design is unique and the content is unique. Modified GoldCodrex script and expensive hosting. The project meets all its requirements, both in the technical part and in the content.

Ceribo offers three plans with varying returns and maturities: 2.1% for 15 days and 150% after 15 days.


The dynamics of the development of the project can be observed on the resources

Our deposit in the project

0.015000 BTC

Обучение – Details, Plans and Review investment fund – highly profitable investment fund with a yield of 1.5% per day for …

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