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ArBinance – Details, Plans and Review platform – AutoBonus 15% of income

ArBinance – Review  arbitration platform – AutoBonus 15% of income


Greetings to all! I present to you the new ArBinance project (the official site of the project) – an arbitrage platform for cryptocurrency trading. Recently, the L7 project worked on the same principle. Those who participated there, I think it’s not difficult to figure out. I decided to go to the start, so as not to miss such an opportunity to earn)




I go into the project with my money. No listings or insurance. The project will be in the “Testing” section

Your correct upline ref = 4222 (SleduiZaMnoicom)


My deposit at

4.0000042 LTC ≈ $ 216.74


ArBinance: project review

The project is implemented as a platform for arbitrage trading in cryptocurrency and we make profit from this trade. In essence, the project is a piggy bank with a floating yield of up to 5% per day. The project is not inherently new. Perhaps such sites will still appear, we will see. In more detail about ArBinance I will tell everything in the article below.


About ArBinance Platform


More details

A reliable and simple way to make money
from the Cryptocurrency Market

We have built an Arbitrage Platform to enable users to automatically profit from coin price differences across exchanges while remaining market-neutral. Our goal is to build a better crypto trading platform that makes interacting with exchanges easier and helps crypto enthusiast and traders make better trades. The final product of this project will be a software system that will handle online crypto exchange trading in several exchanges simultaneously.

Arbitrage Trading Platform was founded by a group of developers, designers and trading professionals who firmly believe cryptocurrencies will reshape our financial system. Our control center integrates the top exchanges into a single platform so traders can access and manage their portfolios seamlessly.

We have implemented advanced trading features to offer more flexibility beyond the features available on each independent exchange. We want you to be a part of our world and make the possible become reality. Digital currencies are a journey that everyone should be a part of innovations.


Register in  ArBinance


Project marketing


There are no plans and tariffs in this project that we are used to, for which we make a deposit and know in advance when and how much the project will pay. The essence of ArBinance is to enter into transactions and profit from the difference in arbitration: This process is dreary and requires not only time, but also special knowledge and time. And this project completely simplifies this process. The minimum amount is between $ 25 and the maximum is $ 2,500. There are also no specific investment conditions familiar to us. The transaction lasts 4 hours and you can fix the profit, leaving the body of the deposit for further work. But remember that there is a commission for withdrawal – 7%


How much can you earn in the ArBinance project

Based on the fact that the transaction can last 4 hours, and you are an ordinary person – you trade in the afternoon), the profit from each transaction can vary from 0.5% to 1.5%. 3-4 transactions per day and you will receive from 2% to 6% per day. But 40% of the commission will still be deducted from this money. Many, but others trade for us. And of course, it still depends on the amount of the contribution. If the deposit is small, then these percentages will be tangible. With night trading, the amount of net profit can reach 5%.


Register in  ArBinance



There are packages for unconfirmed and verified users in the project.

Verified Users

The conditions for working with ArBinance are determined by the member who purchased the package.

Free use of the starter pack. The maximum amount that unverified users can work for is $ 2,500; The withdrawal of profit can be carried out once a day and attract no more than 100 partners. How long this action will last is unknown, but in the future it is planned to use the package for $ 25 for 30 days.




И еще два тарифа – по цене 50 и 75 долларов в месяц. Эти пакеты позволяют увеличить операционную сумму до 5000 и 15 000 долларов США соответственно. Выход в день 2 раза для базового пакета и 3 раза для стандартного пакета.


Not verified users


Users who have passed verification can work with larger amounts. More expensive packages make it possible to carry out several transactions at once and the payment will already be more significant: $ 250 or $ 500 in 30 days.


Register in  ArBinance


Deposit and withdrawal of funds


The minimum deposit in the ArBinance project is 25USD, the maximum depends on the package purchased.
The project accepts: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, Dash.

The withdrawal is available at any time after closing the transaction within 24 hours.

A conclusion can be requested from 1 to 3 times a day, depending on the package purchased
Withdrawal commission is 7%.




In the ArBinance project, referrals will be accrued from the profits of the invitees. Not from the deposit, as we are accustomed to, but from profit — when the transaction is already closed. The size of this income depends on the structural turnover:

  • Starting reward 30% of the referral profit.
  • Upon reaching the structural turnover of $ 10,000, the reward will be 40%.
  • Upon reaching a turnover in the structure of up to $ 20,000, the profit will be increased to 50%.
  • Upon reaching the turnover of the structure, up to $ 30,000 will be 60% of the invited profits.

In order to increase your profit by 15% or more, you must be registered our affiliate link,

SleduiZaMnoicom should be in the invitation field

Register in  ArBinance


Project Instruction

As you can see, the project is very “sophisticated” and quite reminds a cryptocurrency exchange. The functionality is actually quite simple.


Registration in the project

Go to the main page of the site using our affiliate link our affiliate link and click the «Sign up» button



You will see the registration form. Fill it out

Then click  «Click ta verify» and go through the anti-bot check. Pull the slider to the right to form a puzzle and click «Sign up»




After clicking on the «Sign up» button, a form will open for you to enter a 4-digit pin code. You will enter this code whenever you log in to the project.

At the first or later authorization, you can verify by confirming your phone number. this is enough for now. Verification will allow to operate with more serious sums of deposits.

Account replenishment in the account and transaction creation

1. In the left side menu, click on «My Wallet»


2. Next, select a deposit method and click «Deposit»




3. After clicking on the  «Deposit»button, a window will open where you must enter the amount of the deposit and click on the yellow «Deposit» button




Creating a deal in the ArBinance project


1. Click «Trade Offers» in the left menu



2. In the «Trading» field, select the highest percentage of the transaction, which shows the highest percentage of profit, write down the amount below, and then click the «Proceed» button.




Withdraw funds from the project

In the left menu, click on the  «My Wallet» button. In the list, select cryptocurrency, and then click the «Withdrawal» button.



A window will open again for you to fill out the withdrawal form. In the form, indicate the amount, wallet address and enter the PIN code that you indicated when registering with ArBinance and click the «Submit» button.




The dynamics of the development of the project can be observed on the following resources

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