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Agros – review and feedback on a company with a real agribusiness in Turkey

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Agros – company overview and reviews


Agros – review of the project with investments in agribusiness (official site of the company New medium-interest project of the company offering 9 investment plans with profitability from 3.6% to 6.2% per week, for the term of 396 days. Payments are made once a week on Fridays.

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Introduction about Agros

To your attention is a new project Argos, which positions itself as a real and large agribusiness located in Turkey. The country is warm – we know, their agro products are sold and we have in general, hard-working guys. At the time of writing a review about Agros, the company is pre-starting. The official opening will take place on 27 October. Imagine that the company will be broadcasting live from the fields, I was interested to see it. Well, in their Telegram channel and on their website there is quite an impressive team – impressive, I tell you.

One interesting feature in the project that you should know about. Each accrual goes into the frozen balance and will be available for withdrawal in 7 days. In fact, the first withdrawal will be in a fortnight.

About Agros

Agribusiness in Turkey: In the arms of nature, in the land of eternal summer! Discover the world of caring for the land, sow your agricultural dreams on fertile soil and harvest a future filled with happiness.

Agros is an independent and one of the largest offshoots of a major Australian fund with $250 million in authorised capital.

We operate in Turkey, which allows us to utilise year-round yields, proprietary technology including artificial intelligence, and the extensive experience of our management and staff to generate high returns through a rational and methodical approach using unique formulas and modern tools.

Agros Features

  • Start: 17 September 2023
  • Minimum Deposit:$50
  • Marketing: 3.6% to 6.2% per week
  • Term: 365 days
  • Accruals: daily, withdrawal once a week, on Friday.
  • Optimal plans: Start, Basic, Lite, Medium. Entry threshold for each plan is different from $50 to $100,000.
  • Withdrawal of funds: within 7 days (actually – 24 hours), once a week on Fridays.
  • Withdrawal can be created only in USDT
  • Payment systems: BTC, USDT TRC20, ETH ERC20, TON
  • Withdrawal: within 24 hours
  • Payment details are specified when withdrawing funds.
  • Ref offer: 7%-20%
  • Our deposit: $ 300.00

How much you can earn at Agros

  • Agros offers a grid of 9 slots – plans.
  • All deposits are for 13 months
  • Deposits are accepted in BTC, USDT TRC20, ETH ERC20, TON

Agros планы


Agros Marketing


  • Minimum deposit $50,
  • The return is about 3.6% per week.
  • Upon reaching a net profit of 90%, the deposit is finalised.

Agros Start


  • Minimum deposit $200,
  • Yield about 3.8% per week.
  • Upon reaching a net profit of 101%, the deposit is finalised

Argos Basic


  • Minimum deposit $1000,
  • The income is about 4% per week.
  • Once the net profit reaches 110%, the deposit is finalised.

Argos Lite



  • Minimum deposit $2500,
  • The income is about 4% per week.
  • Once a net profit of 130% is achieved, the deposit is finalised.

Argos Medium



  • Minimum deposit $5000,
  • The profit is about 4.9% per week.
  • After reaching a net profit of 159%, the deposit is finalised


Argus Large



  • Minimum deposit: $10000,
  • Yield about: 5.5% per week.
  • After reaching 187% profit, the deposit is closed


Argos Trader



  • Minimum deposit: $25000,
  • Yield about: 5.8% per week.
  • Once the profit of 201% is reached, the deposit is closed


Agros Exclusive



  • Minimum deposit: $50000,
  • Income about: 6% per week.
  • After reaching a net profit of 212%, the deposit is closed


Agros Pro


Argos Infinity

  • Minimum deposit: $100000,
  • Yield: 6.2% per week.
  • After reaching a net profit of 223%, the deposit is closed

Argos Infinity


Argos – affiliate programme


The administration of the project said that the bonus and affiliate programmes will be revised, so they will appear on the site after the update. But, so far I have the data about which I will write below.

The project offers the most extensive affiliate and bonus programmes. The administration of the asset motivates the development of affiliate structure, career advancement. As many as 11 affiliate ranks provides the system. When you reach the next rank, you will receive a bonus and an increase in deposit deductions from attracted investments.

You will receive a percentage of each deposit, which will be made by your partners from the whole depth of your structure. Your rank and your partner’s rank will be taken into account – you will receive the difference between your bonuses from deposits

Argos - affiliate programme


Agros партнерка


The interest rate starts at 7% per partner’s deposit and further this rate can increase up to 20% of your direct partners’ deposits (referrals). And affiliate bonuses start from $100 and reach up to $5000000 depending on the rank. You will have to try hard, but it is worth it.

Important: To activate the affiliate programme you need to have a minimum deposit of $50

And so: affiliate commission: 7% of the referral’s deposit. I will pay 50% of these accruals.

After opening your first deposit you are assigned the status of “Partner”. Afterwards, everything depends on your personal investments and turnover of your team

Bonuses for Agros partners

“Office Bonus” – open an office in your city and get 1% bonus

“Speaker bonus” – give a webinar about Agros and within 7 days after the webinar receive 2% of each investment.

“Promotion Bonus” – for those who promote the project most actively there will be prizes that are drawn every 1-2 months

“Leader Bonus” – for the three most active leaders in attracting participants of the project will be offered valuable gifts such as Apple appliances, watches, trips on holiday, etc.

“Auto Bonus” – a very interesting bonus. Each leader/partner has his own auto-account. 5% from the first line, 3% from the second line and 1% from the third to the eighth line of the referral will go to this account. The funds collected on this account are used to buy an electric car, which will be determined by the company itself. This car must have Agros branding. The vehicle branding will be another tool in promoting the team

Instructions for working with Agros

In order to get a bonus from our blog you should go to (our affiliate link )


Registration in Agros project

In the upper right corner click on the little man icon and the registration form will open, you need to fill it in.

  • Enter your first name (not necessarily your real name).
  • Enter your surname
  • Select your country
  • Enter your working email
  • Confirm your email
  • Make up a password or generate it by clicking on the “Generate” entry.
  • Tick the box “I have read and accepted the …..”.
  • Click “Confirm” button
  • Withdrawal requisites – wallet number – you should specify when withdrawing funds.

Agros регистрация


Creating an investment in Agros

  • Payment systems: BTC, USDT TRC20, ETH ERC20, TON.
  • Optimal plans: Start, Basic, Lite, Medium. Entry threshold for each plan is different from $50 to $100,000.
  • To create a deposit you need to first top up your balance
  • To top up your balance, in your personal cabinet, click on the ” + ” icon.

Agros создание вклада


  • Next, a form will open in which you leave a position in the ‘TO:’ – ‘Main balance’ column
  • In the ‘Currency:’ column, choose the cryptocurrency in which you will invest.
  • In the ‘Amount:’ column select the amount of the deposit
  • Click on the ‘Confirm’ bar.
  • You will be redirected to the page of payment data.
  • Make the payment using the project details
  • Wait for the funds to appear on the balance

Agros баланс 2


When the funds appear on the balance – you will receive a letter to your mail about balance top-up

  • Go to the left menu in your personal cabinet under the bar “Debt slots”.
  • The form of buying a slot within the amount you have deposited on your balance will be opened.



That’s it, the investment has been created, now we wait for Friday to order a withdrawal!


How to withdraw funds from Agros

  • Withdrawal of funds: within 7 days (in fact – 24 hours), once a week on Fridays
  • Withdrawal can be created only in USDT

To withdraw funds on the left panel, in your personal cabinet click on the entry “Withdraw”. Withdrawal requisites – number of wallets – you should specify when withdrawing.

  • There are two balances in Agros project: “Main balance” and “Referral balance”.
  • In the “Select balance” section select the balance on which you have funds.
  • In the “Receiving currency” section select the currency in which you want to withdraw funds.
  • In the “Specify amount” section, specify the amount of withdrawal.
  • In the “Wallet address” section, enter your wallet number.

Press “Confirm” button

Please note: withdrawal will be available when the withdrawal amount appears under the “Available” box




Our Deposits:

50.00 USD     13.10.2023  10:12
250.00 USD  13.10.2023 10:06


The dynamics and development of the company can be monitored




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